Old Spanish Trail Exhibit: The History and Legacy of the OST

St. Mary's University's Department of Public History presents: The History and Legacy of the Old Spanish Trail. This eight page exhibit explores the OST through the lens of women's history, the Good Roads movement, the Progressive Era, and other paradigms for the very first time in an online format. Developed by combined degree student Glory Turnbull using the Blume Library's newly digitized Old Spanish Trail Collection.

OST Southern Borderland Trunkline Map and Illustration

The Old Spanish Trail as it stood a century ago. 

Special thanks to the Council of Independent Colleges and the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This project wouldn’t have reached completion without the help of Charlotte Kahl of the OST100, Dr. Lindsey Wieck, librarian Jill Crane, archiving assistants Christopher Hohman, Danielle Slaughter, and Glory Turnbull, and metadata assistants Antonio Coffee, Harold Johnson, Oscar Ortega, Gerardo Nino Pozos, Bianca Rhae Jacquez, and Claudia Sanchez. Thank you to the St. Mary's University Department of History, Blume Library, SPARC, and Information Services for additional support.

***Note: Some items are currently missing from the exhibit but will be replaced soon.