OST Accounts 1921-1924 – Part I



OST Accounts 1921-1924 – Part I


Table of contents included at the beginning of the ledger. Includes membership of individuals and businesses 1921-1924.

Spatial Coverage

New York (New York)
Houston (Texas)
San Antonio (Texas)
Bay of St. Louis (Mississippi)
Gulfport (Mississippi)
Logtown (Mississippi)
Boerne (Texas)
Opelousas (Louisiana)
Uvalde County (Texas)
Los Angeles (California)
Orange (Texas)
Pensacola (Florida)
Kerrville (Texas)
Junction (Texas)
Comfort (Texas)
Center Point (Texas)
Lake Charles (Louisiana)
Beaumont (Texas)
Ingram (Texas)
Sonora (Texas)
Roosevelt (Texas)
Ozona (Texas)
Sheffield (Texas)
Mobile (Alabama)
Fort Stockton (Texas)
Gonzales (Texas)
Schulenburg (Texas)
Flatonia (Texas)
Eagle Lake (Texas)
East Bernard (Texas)
Rosenburg (Texas)
Columbus (Texas)
Sabinal (Texas)
Weimar (Texas)
Waelder (Texas)
Del Rio (Texas)
Brownsville (Texas)
Sugarland (Texas)
Three Rivers (Texas)
George West (Texas)
Pleasanton (Texas)
Leming (Texas)
Bandera County
Mathis (Texas)
Premont (Texas)
Pharr (Texas)
Alamo (City, Texas)
Whitsett (Texas)
Falfurrias (Texas)
La Feria (Texas)
North Pleasanton (Texas)
Baldwin County (Alabama)
Alice (Texas)
Galveston (Texas)
Lafayette (Louisiana)
Harlingen (Texas)
Mission (Texas)
McDonna (Texas)
Weslaco (Texas)
Mercedes (Texas)
Edinburg (Texas)
Rio Grande City (Texas)
Van Horn (Texas)
San Benito (Texas)
El Paso (Texas)
Battle House (Mobile, Alabama)
Marion (Texas)
Schertz (Texas)
Cibolo (Texas)
McQueeney (Texas)
Belmont (Texas)
Engle (Texas)
Lissie (Texas)
Panama City (Florida)
Dayton (Texas)
Crosby (Texas)
Nome (Texas)
Fort Hancock (Texas)
Valentine (Texas)
Juarez (Mexico)
Sierra Blanca (Texas)
Brackettville (Texas)
Eagle Pass (Texas)
Castroville (Texas)
Oakville (Texas)
Medina County (Texas)
Pipe Creek (Texas)
Matamoras (Texas)
Pass Christian (Mississippi)
Lake Arthur (Louisiana)
Welsh (Louisiana)
Thibodaux (Louisiana)
Morgan City (Louisiana)
Jeanerette (Louisiana)
Raceland (Louisiana)
Grand Bay (Alabama)
Moss Point (Mississippi)
Crowley (Louisiana)
Rayne (Louisiana)

Temporal Coverage

1921 to 1924


Old Spanish Trail Association


1921 to 1924


SC17_06_02_001 OST Accounts 1921-1924 – Part I




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Forgery Prevention Bureau
Houston Auto Trades
Guarantee Shoe Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
Walkover Boot Shop (San Antonio, Texas)
Rupert Cox Auto Supply (Beaumont)
Harrison County Sales Co. (Gulfport, Mississippi )
Aubert Motor Car Co. (Gulfport, Mississippi)
Gulfport Ptg. Co. (Gulfport, Mississippi)
Southern Stationary Co. (Gulfport)
Gulfport Daily Herald (Gulfport, Mississippi)
Standard Printing Company
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
S.A. Paper Company
Uvalde Rock and Asphalt (San Antonio, Texas)
Lockwood National Bank
Washer Bros. Co.
Alamo National Bank (San Antonio, Texas)
Petty Cash Express
Campbell Lumber Co.
W.W. Wolfe's Inn Cafe (San Antonio, Texas)
Jordan Motor Co.
Texas Sales Co.
Jackson Printing Co.
Texas Blue Print Company
Gunter Hotel (San Antonio, Texas)
Faust Motor Co. (Comfort, Texas)
Meyer Hotel (Comfort, Texas)
Comfort Drug Store (Comfort, Texas)
Guarantee Motor Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
Center Point News (Center Point, Texas)
Wallace Bros. Lib. Co. (Center Point, Texas)
Comfort State Bank (Comfort, Texas)
West Texas Lumber Co.
Sonora Motor Co.
Devil's River News
First National Bank (Sonora, Texas)
City Garage (Sonora, Texas)
Ozona Telephone Co. (Ozona)
Dudley's Garage (Ozona, Texas)
Flowers and Adams (Ozona, Texas)
Stockton Lumber Co. (Ft. Stockton)
Central Drug Store (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Fritz Hotel (Junction, Texas)
Citizens Auto Co. (Gonzales, Texas)
Gonzales Lumber Co. (Gonzales, Texa)s
Model Electrotype Co.
Alamo Printing Company
Ozona National Bank
Sunset Brick and Tile (Gonzales)
Citizens Auto Supply (Cibolo, Texas)
Household Fur Co.
Western Union Telegram
Hotel Dallas (Eagle Lake, Texas)
Fehrenkamp Garage (Glidden, Texas)
Highway Garage (East Bernard, Texas)
Drexel Motors Co. (Houston, Texas)
Rice Hotel (Houston)
Macatee Hotel (Houston, Texas)
Bank of Gulfport
Travelers Protection Co.
Central Trust Co.
Sugarland Industries (Sugarland)
Chamber of Commerce (Eagle Pass, Texas)
Chamber of Commerce (Bandera)
OST Club (Pharr)
OST Club (Mathis, Texas)
OST Club (Alamo, Texas)
OST Club (Whitsett)
Maxwell Auto
OST Club (Havana, Florida)
Chamber of Commerce (Del Rio, Texas)
OST Club (Brownsville, Texas)
OST Club (Mission, Texas)
OST Club (Harlingen, Texas)
OST Club (Weslaco)
OST Club (Donna, Texas)
The Sherwin Williams
Service Engraving Company
Holland's Magazine
OST Magazine
OST Club (Mercedes, Texas)
OST Club (Pleasanton)
OST Club (Edinburg, Texas)
OST Club (Rio Grande City)
Diamond T Motor Car Co.
Westbrook Motor Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
Frost National Bank
Joske Bros.
Public Service (San Antonio)
Original Mexican Restaurant (San Antonio, Texas)
Holmes County Motor Co.
The Fisk Rubber Company (San Antonio)
Seguin Buick Co. (Seguin)
Marion Motor Co. (Marion, Texas)
Schertz Merc. Co. (Schertz)
Lovett Motor Co. (Seguin, Texas)
Waelder Motor Co. (Waelder, Texas)
Brookes Drug Co.
Farmers State Bank (San Benito, Texas)
Art Advertising Company
A.H. Fitzgerald Drug Store (Gonzales, Texas)
Peck & Fly (Gonzales)
Big Live Oak Garage (Engle, Texas)
Palace of Sweets (Schulenburg)
Burger's Cafe (Columbus, Texas)
Cafe de Paris (Rosenburg, Texas)
Plaza Hotel (Rosenburg)
Lissie Merc. Co. (Lissie, Texas)
Union State Bank (East Bernard)
Farmer's Garage (Rosenburg, Texas)
Palace of Sweets (Richmond)
So. Main and Belair Filling Station (Houston)
Quick Service Garage (Houston)
Pace Auto Co. (Ft. Stockton)
Buick Motor Company
Seaport Motor co. (Beaumont)
First National Bank (Eagle Lake, Texas)
Linn Bros. Motor Co. (Beaumont, Texas)
Panama City Hotel
Hill Motor Co. (Orange, Texas)
Cafe Gomez (Orange, Texas)
Sabine Battery Co. (Orange)
Planters Hotel (Orange)
Mosehart & Keller Auto Co. (Houston, Texas)
Liberty Hotel (Liberty, Texas)
Buchanan's Garage (Liberty, Texas)
Heals Pharmacy (Dayton, Texas)
Dayton Mercantile Co. (Dayton, Texas)
Crosby Motor Co. (Crosby, Texas)
Nome Garage (Nome, Texas)
Court House Garage (Houston, Texas)
Baines Drug Store (Richmond, Texas)
Richmond Motor Company
First National Bank (Richmond, Texas)
DeGeorge Hotel (Houston, Texas)
Bakery and Grocery (Ozona, Texas)
Community Pharmacy (Marion, Texas)
Clifton Garage Co.
Crockett Hotel
King Furniture Co.
Jamison Auto Supplies (San Antonio, Texas)
Buick Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
Fabras Drug Store (Boerne, Texas)
Center Point Merc. Co. (Center Point, Texas)
Center Point Drugstore (Center Point, Texas)
Golds Coffee Room (Kerrville, Texas)
Buckhorn Barber Shop
Junction Grocery Co. (Junction, Texas)
City Cafe (Junction, Texas)
Gerlich and Real
Smith's Drug Store (Ozona)
Ozona Meat Market (Ozona)
Hotel Sheffield (Sheffield, Texas)
Couch Garage (Sheffield, Texas)
Jacobs Cafe (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Stockton Bakery (Ft. Stockton)
Dennis Motor Co. (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Johnson Printing Co.
OST Filling Station (Balmorhea)
Balmorhea Drug Co. (Balmorhea, Texas)
Balmorhea Hotel (Balmorhea, Texas)
Ft. Hancock Merc. Co. (Ft. Hancock, Texas)
Borderland Garage (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
Frost's Home Rest (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
Michelson Bros. (Gonzales, Texas)
National Bank of Commerce
Universal Car Co.
Valentine Motor Company (Valentine, Texass)
Jones Pharmacy (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Ft. Davis Bank (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Limpia Hotel (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Union Trading Company (Ft. Davis)
Stockton Garage (Ft. Stockton)
Drive in Filling Station (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Watkins Motor Co. (El Paso, Texas)
Campbell Hotel (El Paso, Texas)
Fisher Hotel (El Paso, Texas)
Hotel Sheldon (El Paso, Texas)
Lone Star Motor Company (El Paso, Texas)
Oasis Cafe (Juarez, Mexico)
Rio Bravo Hotel (Juarez)
Alamo Motor Company (El Paso, Texas)
Perry Tire Company (El Paso)
Hotel Lockie (El Paso, Texas)
Juarez Brewing Co. (Juarez, Mexico)
Commercial Hotel (Van Horn, Texas)
Palace Hotel (Sierra Blanca)
Meyers Hotel (Comfort, Texas)
Kerrville Electric Co. (Kerrville, Texas)
Weston and Kamp Garage (Comfort, Texas)
Overland Auto Sales (Kerrville)
Kerrville Telephone Co. (Kerrville, Texas)
Rock Drugstore
Junction Hardware Co. (Junction, Texas)
Junction State Bank (Junction, Texas)
Taylor Garage (Junction)
Wahl Bros. and Jordan (Junction, Texas)
First National Bank (Junction, Texas)
Sonora Drug Co. (Sonora)
Gilmore Hardware (Sonora, Texas)
City Garage
Ozona Hotel (Ozona)
Stockton Pharmacy
Hotel Stockton (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
City Garage (Edna, Texas)
Van Horn Trading Co. (Van Horn, Texas)
Falfurrias State Bank (Falfurrias, Texas)
Whitworth Hotel
Starr Lumber Co. (Brownsville)
Osborne's Eat Shop (Edinburg, Texas)
Citizens Motor Car Co. (Hondo, Texas)
Fly Drug Co. (Hondo, Texas)
Central Pharmacy (Sabinal, Texas)
Sabinal Merc. Co. (Sabinal)
Anderson Cafe (Sabinal, Texas)
Hooper Furniture Co. (Uvalde, Texas)
Crisp & White (Uvalde, Texas)
The Sunshine Diving Room (Uvalde)
Schwartz Hotel (Uvalde)
Henze Cafe
Peterson and Co. (Brackettville)
Ross Drugstore (Del Rio)
Del Rio Buick Co. (Del Rio, Texas)
Alamo Service Station (Alamo, Texas)
Farmer State Bank (Donna, Texas)
McClellans Garage (Donna, Texas)
Frank Hotel (Del Rio, Texas)
Durr's Restaurant (Del Rio, Texas)
Eagle Pass Drug Co. (Eagle Pass, Texas)
International garage (Eagle Pass, Texas)
Sterling Auto Sales (Eagle Pass)
Eagle Pass Gro. Co. (Eagle Pass, Texas)
The Fair Dry Goods Co. (Eagle Pass)
Leakey Confectionary (Leakey, Texas)
First State Bank (Leakey, Texas)
Real Co. State Bank (Leakey)
Service Garage (Leakey)
The Leakey Leader (Leakey)
The Dulch Hotel (Eagle Pass)
Busy Bee Cafe (El Campo, Texas)
Plaza Hotel (Beaumont)
Alice Garage and Filling Station
Cottage Hotel (El Campo, Texas)
Davison Bros. Cafe (El Campo, Texas)
Travelers Hotel (Brownsville)
Webster Service Station
Snider Motor Co.
Hunt Auto Co. (Three Rivers, Texas)
Fee's Restaurant & Confec. (Medina, Texas)
Medina Garage (Medina, Texas)
Guy's Cafe (Medina, Texas)
Pharr Motor co. (Pharr)
Hill Drug Store (Columbus, Texas)
First State Bank (Columbus, Texas)
Allen Motor Co.(Eagle Lake, Texas)
Burge's Cafe (Eagle Lake, Texas)
Universal Motor Co. (Eagle Lake)
Jack's Cafe (Rosenburg, Texas)
Allwright's Garage (Rosenburg, Texas)
Hudson Drug Co. (La Feria, Texas)
Roberts Garage (San Benito)
Hoffman Cash Grocery (Harlingen, Texas)
H.B. Hobletts Garage (La Feria, Texas)
La Feria Cash Store (La Feria, Texas)
Nelson OST Filling Station (Harlingen, Texas)
Brooks Service Station (Mercedes, Texas)
Hidalgo & Co. Bank (Mercedes, Texas)
Palace of Sweets (Mercedes)
Talbert Baking Co. (Mercedes)
Collier Bros. (Donna, Texas)
Brazos Motor Co. (Richmond, Texas)
Texas Press Clipping Bureau
Mission Drug Store (Mission, Texas)
Mission Bakery (Mission, Texas)
Mission Filling Station (Mission, Texas)
Mercedes Service Station (Mercedes, Texas)
Weslaco Drug Co.
Log's Filling Station (McAllen, Texas)
Spencer's Garage (Weslaco)
Donna Drug Store (Donna, Texas)
Ewing Hardware Co. (Donna, Texas)
Alamo Merc. Co. (Alamo, Texas)
Alamo Drug Store (Alamo, Texas)
Scatty's Auto Supply Houma (McAllen)
OST Service Station (San Juan)
Lynn Bros. (Alice, Texas)
Hotel Pharr (Pharr, Texas)
Haroldson Motor Sales (Alice, Texas)
Pharr Service Station (Pharr)
Park Garage (Pharr)
McAllen Cafe (McAllen, Texas)
Hotel Bristol (Houston, Texas)
Cotton Hotel (Houston, Texas)
Milby Hotel (Houston, Texas)
Abrams Music Store (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Biloxi Bakery (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Biloxi Mach. Works (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Bradey Jewlery Co. (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Bleuer (Biloxi, Mississppi)
Specialty Store (Biloxi)
Guarantee Shoes Co. (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Beale and Yerger (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Hotel Riviera (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Biloxi Artesian Ice Co. (Biloxi, Mississippi)
White House Hotel (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Calcasieu Bank (Lake Charles, Louisiana)
Welsh Motor Co. (Welsh, Louisiana)
Dixie Wall Paper and Paint Company
Furnish and Furnish (San Antonio, Texas)
The Meyercord Co. Decalcomania Transfers (Chicago, Illinois)
S.A. Rubber Stamp Company
Lafayette Hardware Co. (Lafayette, Louisiana)
The Service Hardware Co.
New Orleans Blue Print Co.
Alamo Multigraph Company
Pierce's Cafe (Sonora)
Sonora Drug Store
Junction Hardware Co. Garage (Junction, Texas)
Richards Garage (Kerrville)
Southern Lithography Co.
Eagle Printing Co.
Wimer-Richardson Co.
A.B. Frank Co.
Fisher's Garage
Mills Engraving Co.
Stowers Furniture Company
The Wolff and Marx Co. Department Store (San Antonio, Texas)
Peoples Bank of Mobile
St Charles Hotel
Texas Press Clipping Bureau
Bank of Pass Christian
Yantis Motor Co.
The Stewart Tile Co.
Southwest Bitulithic Co.
Uvalde Rock and Asphalt Co.
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