[Service Map and Travel Information for Del Rio Division]



[Service Map and Travel Information for Del Rio Division]


A map brochure which details the stretch of the OST from San Antonio to Del Rio.

Spatial Coverage

Old Spanish Trail
San Antonio (Texas)
Del Rio (Texas)
Sheffield (Texas)
Pecos River (Texas)
Chihuahua (Mexico)
El Paso (Texas)
San Diego (California)
Ft. Clark (Texas)
Brackettville (Texas)
Ft. Hudson (Texas)
Ft. Lancaster (Texas)
Live Oak Creek (Texas)
Main Line (OST)
Fort Stockton (Texas)
Fort Davis (Texas)
Rio Grande Valley
Boerne (Texas)
Menard (Texas)
Trans-Pecos Country (Texas)
Southern Trunkline System
Frio Canyon (Texas)
Eagle Pass (Texas)
St. Augustine (Florida)
Davis Mountains (Texas)
Mexican Border
Rio Grande
Mexican Extension
Houston (Texas)
Tampa (Florida)
Castroville (Texas)
Hondo (Texas)
D'Hanis (Texas)
Sabinal (Texas)
Knippa (Texas)
Uvalde (Texas)
Laguna (Texas)
Eagle Pass Loop (Texas)
Concan (Texas)
Leakey (Texas)
Bandera Loop (Texas)
Pipe Creek (Texas)
Bandera (Texas)
Medina (Texas)
United States
The North
West Texas
East Texas
Guadalupe Hills (Texas)
Junction (Texas)
Bandera Hills (Texas)
Balmorhea (Texas)
Orange (Texas)
Beaumont (Texas)
Port Arthur (Texas)
New Orleans (Louisiana)
San Antonio-Del Rio

Temporal Coverage



Old Spanish Trail Association




SC17_05_01_118 [Service Map and Travel Information for Del Rio Division]




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Old Spanish Trail Association


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Tyrrell, Percy (Secretary, OST Executive Board)
Courand, Joseph (General Merchandise - Castroville, Texas)
Leinweber, E.R. (General Merchandise - Hondo, Texas)
Carle, Louis (General Merchandise - Hondo, Texas)
Dreier, E.H. (Confectionery - Sabinal, Texas)
Schwartz, L. (General Merchandise - Uvalde, Texas)
Smyth, J.G. (Department Store - Uvalde, Texas)
Stevenson, Wm., Mrs. (Stevenson Hotel - Uvalde, Texas)
Beecroft, B. (General Merchandise - Laguna, Texas)
Spann, J.H. (General Merchandise - Concan, Texas)
Davenport, E.J. (Cashier, Real State Co. Bank - Leakey, Texas)
Davenport, W.J. (General Merchandise - Bandera, Texas)
Hatfield, Wm. (General Merchandise - Medina, Texas)
Old Spanish Trail Association
Gunter Hotel (San Antonio, Texas)
Baker Hotels
St. Anthony Hotel (San Antonio, Texas)
Menger Hotel (San Antonio, Texas)
Texas Hotel (Fort Worth, Texas)
Hertzberg Jewelry Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
The Wolff and Marx Co. Department Store (San Antonio, Texas)
Potchernick's (San Antonio, Texas)
Clifton George Motor Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
General Merchandise (Castroville, Texas)
Graff's Restaurant (Castroville, Texas)
3-Point Filling Station (Castroville, Texas)
Citizens Motor Car Co. (Hondo, Texas)
Fly Drug Co. (Hondo, Texas)
General Merchandise (Hondo, Texas)
General Merchandise (D'Hanis, Texas)
D'Hanis Hotel (D'Hanis, Texas)
D'Hanis Brick and Tile (D'Hanis, Texas)
Central Pharmacy (Sabinal, Texas)
Sabinal Merc. Co. (Sabinal)
Confectionery (Sabinal, Texas)
Worden's Garage (Sabinal, Texas)
Knippa Merc. Co. (Knippa, Texas)
General Merchandise (Uvalde, Texas)
Overland Service STA (Uvalde, Texas)
Department Store (Uvalde, Texas)
Auto Accessories (Uvalde, Texas)
Uvalde Buick Co. (Uvalde, Texas)
Geo. Horner, H.D.W. (Uvalde, Texas)
Stevenson Hotel (Uvalde, Texas)
General Store (Uvalde, Texas)
Sunshine Dining Room (Uvalde, Texas)
Schwartz Hotel (Uvalde)
General Merchandise (Laguna, Texas)
Nipper Drug Co. (Brackettville, Texas)
Henze Cafe (Brackettville, Texas)
Peterson and Co. (Brackettville)
Henry Veltmann and Co. (Brackettville, Texas)
McWherter Garage (Del Rio, Texas)
Ross Drug Store (Del Rio, Texas)
St. Charles Hote (Del Rio, Texas)
Del Rio Buick Co. (Del Rio, Texas)
Motor Supply Co. (Del Rio, Texas)
McCauley Service Station (Del Rio, Texas)
Wooten's Curio Store (Del RIo, Texas)
Frank's Hotel (Del Rio, Texas)
Durr's Restaurant (Del Rio, Texas)
L.H. Clark and Sons (Del Rio, Texas)
United States War Department
OST Executive Board
OST Headquarters (San Antonio, Texas)
Auto Trades Association (San Antonio)
Lions Club (San Antonio, Texas)
Old Spanish Trail Association
Old Spanish Trail
historical tourism
shopping/freight -- commerce
lodging -- commerce
lodgings -- travel accommodations
travel accommodations
restaurant -- commerce
tourist loops -- travel accommodations