[Service Map and Travel Information for West Texas]



[Service Map and Travel Information for West Texas]


A map brochure which details the stretch of the OST from San Antonio to El Paso.

Spatial Coverage

Old Spanish Trail
Southern Trunkline System
San Antonio (Texas)
Guadalupe Hills (Texas)
Boerne (Texas)
Junction (Texas)
Frio Canyon (Texas)
Sabinal (Texas)
Uvalde (Texas)
Bandera Hills (Texas)
Davis Mountains (Texas)
Fort Davis (Texas)
Balmorhea (Texas)
Houston (Texas)
West Texas
East Texas
El Paso (Texas)
Orange (Texas)
Port Arthur (Texas)
Beaumont (Texas)
New Orleans (Louisiana)
Guadalupe River (Texas)
Llano River (Texas)
Sonora (Texas)
Ozona (Texas)
Sheffield (Texas)
Fort Stockton (Texas)
St. Augustine (Florida)
San Diego (California)
Rio Grande Valley
Del Rio (Texas)
Mexican Border
Rio Grande
Mexican Extension
Main Line (OST)
Comfort (Texas)
Center Point (Texas)
Kerrville (Texas)
Ingram (Texas)
Roosevelt (Texas)
Van Horn (Texas)
Sierra Blanca (Texas)
Fort Hancock (Texas)
Fabens (Texas)
Clint (Texas)
Ysleta (Texas)
Juarez (Mexico)
United States
The North
San Antonio-El Paso


Old Spanish Trail Association




SC17_05_01_112 [Service Map and Travel Information for West Texas]




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Old Spanish Trail Association


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Tyrrell, Percy (Secretary, OST Executive Board)
Adler, H.O. (General Merchandise - Boerne, Texas)
Ransleben, G.E. (Confectionery - Comfort, Texas)
Faust, F.L., Mrs. (Faust Hotel - Comfort, Texas)
Ottmers, A.D. (Gold's Coffee Room - Kerrville, Texas)
McCoy, L.W. (Rock Drug Store - Kerrville, Texas)
Morris, George (St. Charles Hotel - Kerrville, Texas)
Hankins, Jno. M. (Hankins Drug Co. - Junction, Texas)
Simon, Ben F. (General Store - Roosevelt, Texas)
McDonald, Josie, Miss (McDonald Hotel - Sonora, Texas)
Aldwell, W.L. (President, First National Bank - Sonora, Texas)
Oberkampf, Joe (Ozona, Texas)
Cook, J.R. (Ozona Meat Market - Ozona, Texas)
Smith, O.W. (Machine House - Ozona, Texas)
Bunger, G.L. (Ozona, Texas)
Meinecke, Chris (Ozona, Texas)
McSpadden, Zola (Sheffield, Texas)
Fred, R.E. (General Merchandise - Sheffield, Texas)
Conch, Bert (OST Garage - Sheffield, Texas)
Jessup, G.T. (General Merchandise - Sheffield, Texas)
Rooney, J.M. (Fort Stockton, Texas)
Gonzales, R.O. (Fort Stockton, Texas)
Linton, C.M. (Balmorhea, Texas)
Yarbro, W.M. (General Merchandise - Ft. Davis, Texas)
Burnett, A.H. (General Merchandise - Ft. Davis, Texas)
Campbell, W.V. (General Supply Station - Ft. Hancock, Texas)
Riggs, B.K. (OST Garage - Fabens, Texas)
Duncan, W.T. (Duncan Supply Co. - Ysleta, Texas)
Viljorn, M. (Fisher Hotel - El Paso, Texas)
DeGroff, Chas. S.A.C. (Hotel Orndorff - El Paso, Texas)
Evans, G.E. (Oasis Cafe - Juarez, Mexico)
Philibert, F. (Manager, Hotel Rio Bravo - Juarez, Mexico)
Old Spanish Trail Association
United States War Department
Gunter Hotel (San Antonio, Texas)
St. Anthony Hotel (San Antonio, Texas)
Texas Hotel (Fort Worth, Texas)
Baker Hotels
Hertzberg Jewelry Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
The Wolff and Marx Co. Department Store (San Antonio, Texas)
Potchernick's (San Antonio, Texas)
Park Heaton's Place (Boerne, Texas)
Fabras Drug Store (Boerne, Texas)
Herpel Motor Company (Boerne, Texas)
General Merchandise (Boerne, Texas)
Confectionery (Comfort, Texas)
Comfort Auto Co.
Faust Hotel (Comfort, Texas)
Comfort State Bank (Comfort, Texas)
Center Point Merc. Co. (Center Point, Texas)
Center Point Drugstore (Center Point, Texas)
Gold's Coffee Room (Kerrville, Texas)
Rock Drug Store (Kerrville, Texas)
St. Charles Hotel (Kerrville, Texas)
Chaney's Candies (Kerrville, Texas)
Howell Hotel (Ingram, Texas)
OST Garage and Store (Ingram)
First National Bank (Junction, Texas)
Fritz Hotel (Junction, Texas)
Junction State Bank (Junction, Texas)
Hankins Drug Co.
Hankins Drug Co. (Junction, Texas)
City Cafe (Junction, Texas)
Dudley's Garage (Ozona, Texas)
Smith's Drug Store (Ozona)
Sporting Goods House (Ozona, Texas)
Ozona Meat Market (Ozona)
Machine Shop (Ozona, Texas)
Bakery and Grocery (Ozona, Texas)
General Store (Ozona, Texas)
Hotel Sheffield (Sheffield, Texas)
General Merchandise (Sheffield, Texas)
Sheffield Garage (Sheffield)
OST Garage (Sheffield, Texas)
Pace Auto Co. (Ft. Stockton)
Rooney Auto Co. (Ft. Stockton)
Drugs and Sundries (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
New Rooney Hotel (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
General Merchandise (Ft. Stockton)
Jacob's Cafe (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Denny Motor Co. (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
First State Bank (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Stockton Bakery (Ft. Stockton)
Stockton Garage (Ft. Stockton)
First National Bank (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Hotel Stockton (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Drive in Filling Station (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Balmorhea Merc. Co. (Balmorhea, Texas)
OST Filling Station (Balmorhea)
Hotel Balmorhea (Balmorhea, Texas)
General Merchandise (Balmorhea, Texas)
Bozeman Drug Store (Balmorhea, Texas)
Van Deren's Garage (Balmorhea, Texas)
Union Trading Company (Ft. Davis)
Limpia Hotel (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Jones Pharmacy (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Ft. Davis Auto Co. (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Ft. Davis State Bank (Ft. Davis, Texas)
General Merchandise (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Ft. Davis Merc. Co. (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Hotel Clark (Van Horn, Texas)
Commercial Hotel (Van Horn, Texas)
Toolens Garage (Van Horn, Texas)
Miller Bros. Garage (Van Horn, Texas)
Palace Hotel (Sierra Blanca)
Borderland Garage (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
L.O. Ramsey Drug Company (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
Traylor-Love Co. (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
Frost's Hotel (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
Campbell Supply STA (Ft. Hancock, Texas)
Ft. Hancock Mdse. Co. (Ft. Hancock, Texas)
Fabens OST Filling Station (Fabens, Texas)
OST Garage (Fabens)
Edgar D. Brown Co. (Clint, Texas)
Duncan Supply Co. (Ysleta, Texas)
Hotel Paso Del Norte (El Paso, Texas)
Watkins Motor Co. (El Paso, Texas)
Hotel Campbell (El Paso, Texas)
Fisher Hotel (El Paso, Texas)
Hotel Sheldon (El Paso, Texas)
Alamo Motor Company (El Paso, Texas)
Hotel Orndorff (El Paso, Texas)
Hotel Lockie (El Paso, Texas)
Lone Star Motor Company (El Paso, Texas)
Perry Tire Company (El Paso)
Calumet Oil Company (El Paso, Texas)
Oasis Cafe (Juarez, Mexico)
Hotel Rio Bravo (Juarez, Mexico)
OST Headquarters (San Antonio, Texas)
OST Executive Board
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