Sixth National Convention of the OST March 26-28, 1923



Sixth National Convention of the OST March 26-28, 1923


Program for the 6th National Convention of the OST.

Spatial Coverage

New Orleans (Louisiana)
Mobile (Alabama)
Pensacola (Florida)
Tallahassee (Florida)
San Antonio (Texas)
Gulfport (Mississippi)
Pensacola-Mobile-Mississippi Gulf-New Orleans Section

Temporal Coverage



Old Spanish Trail Association




SC17_05_01_100 Sixth National Convention of the OST March 26-28, 1923



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Old Spanish Trail Association


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Johnston, Dr. Fred B. (President, OST Association ~1922)
Lea, W.E. (Mayor - Orange, Texas)
Walthall, Leon N. (OST Executive Board)
Storm, A.F., Mrs. (State Director, OST Association - Louisiana, Honorary Vice President, OST Association)
Shaw, Mr. (Archbishop)
Ayres, Harral B. (Managing Director, President 1933~ OST Association)
Friend, Joseph E., Mrs. (General Chairman, Hospitality Committee)
Kolman, Fred C., Mrs. (Secretary - New Orleans)
Myrick, J.C. (Chairman, Good Roads)
Reed, A.G., Mrs. (President, Louisiana FWC)
Neale, H.J. (Secretary, State Parks Committee - Louisiana)
Marsh, Fred W. (Regional Director & Vice President, OST Association - Florida)
Craft, John, Capt. (Vice President, OST Association - Alabama, Chairman, Mobile Chamber of Commerce Good Roads Committee)
Weston, H.S. (Weston Lumber Co.)
Behrman, Martin (Vice President, OST Association - Louisiana)
Schreiner, Walter (Kerrville, Texas)
Gardner, A.H. (Vice President, OST Division)7
Perkins, W.R. (Vice President, OST Association - South Texas)
Bayliss, Herbert (Secretary, OST Association - Lake Charles, Louisiana)
McNair, M.G. (Treasurer - Gulfport, Mississippi)
Locke, Harry (Field Engineer & Vice President, OST Association - Arizona)
Peck, S.H. (President, OST Association)
Fleming, Raymond H. ( Secretary, Louisiana Motor League)
McDonald, Hugh A. (President & Manager, Orleans Motor Company)
Baumgarten, J.C. (Regional Director, OST Association)
Moody, L.D. (Houston, Texas)
Walthall, Walter (San Antonio Chamber of Commerce)
Tyrrell, Percy (Secretary, OST Executive Board)
Nagel, Clotilde, Miss (Assistant Secretary)
Thompson, R.B. (Manager, Membership Department, OST Western Division)
Bultman, Jr., A. Fred (General Chairman, New Orleans Convention)
Kerr, Charles M. (Engineer - Louisiana)
Makofsky, Edward (Chairman, Finance Committee - New Orleans Convention)
Bowman, Felix C. (Chairman - Auto Dealers)
Black, Wilbert
Monroe, H.K.
Borden, A.H.
Parker, Walter (New Orleans Association of Commerce, OST Board of Directors - Louisiana)
Lawes, G.W.
Fairchid, Edmund H.
Bernard, R.P.
Ruhl, Jos. L.
de Montzulin, R.E.E.
Van Pelt, A.H.
Enochs, Byrd, Mrs. (President, 1st District Mississippi FWC)
Friedrichs, P.J., Mrs. (Honorary Vice President, OST Association)
Wilkinson, Jesse P., Mrs. (Chairman - Civic Department, New Orleans Federation of Clubs)
Buck, Charles, Mrs. (Chairman, Patio Royal Reception)
Jahncke, Paul, Mrs. (Chairman, Country Club Luncheon)
Schertz, Christian, Mrs. (Chairman, French Quarter Visits)
Levy, Henry, Mrs. (Chairman, Transportation Committee)
Cochrane, John D. (President, OST Association)
Delmas, Claude (Vice President - Pascagoula, Louisiana)
Provensal, S.W. (Secretary - Slidell, Louisiana)
Fortier, Gilbert (President, Young Men's Business Club)
Crow, W.C. (Executive Secretary - Young Men's Business Club)
Brandao, Walter A.
Wolff, Allen (Chairman, Auto Supply Group)
Owen, Allison, Col. (Chairman, Architects)
Trippeny, L.H. (Chairman, Auto Tires Group)
Claiborne, Charles de B. (Chairman, Banks)
Favret, Lionel F. (Chairman, General Contractors)
Ricks, Phil G. (Chairman, Homesteads)
Moret, Lucien J. (Chairman, Automobile Financing)
Himel, Jr., Augustin J. (Publicity Committee Chair - New Orleans Convention)
Voelkel, J.J. (Vice Chairman, Material Group)
Isaacs, I.H. (Chairman - Retail Merchants Bureau)
Callender, Wilson S. (Secretary, Merchants Bureau)
Turnbull, Jas. F. (Chairman, Real Estate Group)
Alcus, Henry, Mrs. (Chairman, Women's Committee on Finance)
Buck, Charles
Hart, W.O. (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Peterman, Wilson T. (President, Louisiana Highway Commission)
O'Connor, James, Hon. (103 City Park Row, New Orleans, Louisiana)
Corry, W.M. (Honorary Vice President, OST Association, OST Board of Directors - Florida)
Sanders, J.Y. (Former Governor - Louisiana)
Grunewald Hotel
Young Men's Business Club (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Motor League of New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana)
route marker -- signage
motorcades -- Old Spanish Trail Association
legislative efforts