[OST Log Book Pamphlets 1919, Businesses, and OST Councilor Card]



[OST Log Book Pamphlets 1919, Businesses, and OST Councilor Card]


Log Book from the Old Spanish Trail on 1919.

Spatial Coverage

Sonora (Texas)
San Pedro Park
Leon Springs (Texas)
Columbus (Texas)
Eagle Lake (Texas)
Weimar (Texas)
Lissie (Texas)
East Bernard (Texas)
Rosenburg (Texas)
Richmond (Texas)
Houston (Texas)
Sugarland (Texas)
Crosby (Texas)
Crosby Motor Co
Dayton (Texas)
Liberty (Texas)
Nome (Texas)
Beaumont (Texas)
Orange (Texas)

Temporal Coverage



Old Spanish Trail Association




SC17_05_01_041 [OST Log Book Pamphlets 1919, Businesses, and OST Councilor Card]




8.5 x 11 inches






Old Spanish Trail Association


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Miller, Harry L. (President, OST Association - Louisiana)
Phillips, Florence R.S., Mrs. (Assistant Secretary for the East)
Vining, Will L. (Orange, Texas)
Schreiner, Walter (Kerrville, Texas)
Gardner, A.H. (Vice President, OST Division)7
Bayliss, Herbert (Secretary, OST Association - Lake Charles, Louisiana)
Hoopes, J.W. (Houston, Texas)
Locke, Harry (Field Engineer & Vice President, OST Association - Arizona)
Ayres, Harral B. (Managing Director, President 1933~ OST Association)
LeBlanc, Stewart A. (Secretary, OST Association - Crowley, Louisiana)
Van Pelt, A.W. (Houma, Louisiana)
Miller, Edgar, Mr. (Lake Charles, Louisiana)
Roark, George
Rainbolt, J.W.
Aldwell, L.W. (Sonora, Texas)
Rooney, James
Sherman, Fred
McClintock, J.H.
Fletcher, Ed, Jr. (Vice President, Regional Director, OST Association - California)
Marsh, Fred W. (Regional Director & Vice President, OST Association - Florida)
Craft, John, Capt. (Vice President, OST Association - Alabama, Chairman, Mobile Chamber of Commerce Good Roads Committee)
Behrman, Martin (Vice President, OST Association - Louisiana)
Lea, W.E. (Mayor - Orange, Texas)
Perkins, W.R. (Vice President, OST Association - South Texas)
Peck, S.H. (President, OST Association)
Fleming, Raymond H. ( Secretary, Louisiana Motor League)
McDonald, Hugh A. (President & Manager, Orleans Motor Company)
McNair, M.G. (Treasurer - Gulfport, Mississippi)
Gunter Hotel (San Antonio, Texas)
Manhattan Cafe (San Antonio, Texas)
San Antonio Cadallic Co
Johnson-Jones Supply Co
Selso Guerrera cafe
Aug H. Koehler General Store
Park Hotel
P. E. Serger drug store
Blumberg Bros Company (Seguin, Texas)
Lovett Motor Co. (Seguin, Texas)
Seguin Buick Co. (Seguin)
Goss & Dillworth Garage
G.A. Rather General Store
plaza hotel (Gonzales)
Michelson Bros. (Gonzales, Texas)
Peck & Fly (Gonzales)
A.H. Fitzgerald Drug Store (Gonzales, Texas)
Farmers National Bank (Gonzales, Texas)
Star cafe (Gonzales)
Highway Garage (Balmorhea, Texas)
Farmers State Bank (San Benito, Texas)
Brookes Drug Co.
Waelder Motor Co. (Waelder, Texas)
R.D. & J. C. Miller
Otto Olle
Mikulik's Drug Store
Lee & Vogt
Rosenhauers Garage
R.M. Stavinoha
The Big Live Oak Garage
White Star Cafe & Bakery
Helmcamp Tire & Rubber Co.
Palace of Sweets (Brownsville)
City Drug Store
Tedd's Resturant & Bakery
Brasher Buick Co. (Weimar, Texas)
Live Oak Hotel (Columbus, Texas)
First State Bank (Columbus, Texas)
Burger's Cafe (Columbus, Texas)
Northrup Auto Co. (Columbus, Texas)
Hill's Drug Store
First National Bank
Eagle Lake Motor Co. (Eagle Lake, Texas)
Hotel Dallas (Eagle Lake, Texas)
Burger's Resturant
Universal Motor Co. (Eagle Lake)
Lissie Merc. Co. (Lissie, Texas)
Highway Garage (East Bernard, Texas)
D. D. Leveridge
H. F. Dill - Palace of Sweets
Union State Bank (East Bernard)
E. C. Find & Co.
Farmers Garage (Rosenberg, Texas)
D. I. Lowe
Plaza Hotel (Rosenburg)
Rosenburg Motor co. (Rosenburg)
Cafe de Paris (Rosenburg, Texas)
Brazos Motor Co. (Richmond, Texas)
Bain's Drug Store
H.P. Davis & Co. Bank
Richmond Motor Company
Don's Bakery and Confectionary (Richmond, Texas)
Jones & Hinson
First National Bank (Richmond, Texas)
National Hotel (Richmond, Texas)
Palace of Sweets (Richmond)
Sugarland Industries (Sugarland)
Rice Hotel (Houston)
Macatee Hotel (Houston, Texas)
Hotel Bender (Houston, Texas)
Hotel Cotton
Brazos Hotel
Bristol Huston
De George Hotel
Houston Elec. Service Co
Quick Service Garage (Houston)
Shelor Motor Co
Brazos Valley Buick Co
Court House Garage (Houston, Texas)
Mosehart & Keller Auto Co. (Houston, Texas)
Gydeston-Manford Cadillac Co. (Houston, Texas)
Crosby Motor Co. (Crosby, Texas)
Dayton Mercantile Co. (Dayton, Texas)
Heals Pharmacy (Dayton, Texas)
E. G. Harrington's Garage
Nome Garage (Nome, Texas)
Linn Bros. Motor Co. (Beaumont, Texas)
Hotel Beaumont (Beaumont, Texas)
Plaza Hotel (Beaumont)
Fuller's Cafe (Beaumont, Texas)
Seaport Motor co. (Beaumont)
W. B. Roan Auto Co.
Planters Hotel (Orange)
Hill Motor Co. (Orange, Texas)
A.W. Fabra Auto Supply Co.
Coard Lumber Co.
Gomez Cafe
C. G. Moffat & Co.
Geo. L. Gass & Sons
Hutchins Hotel
Mosehart & Kellar Auto Co.
Gydeson-Manford Cadillac Co.
The Alamo
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