[Balance Sheet 1921 – part 3]



[Balance Sheet 1921 – part 3]


Balance Sheet includes members, locations, and Councilors of the Trail.

Spatial Coverage

Van Horn (Texas)
Fort Stockton (Texas)
Sheffield (Texas)
Ozona (Texas)
Sonora (Texas)
Junction (Texas)
Roosevelt (Texas)
Kerrville (Texas)
Ingram (Texas)
Center Point (Texas)
Comfort (Texas)
Boerne (Texas)
San Antonio (Texas)
Cibolo (Texas)
Seguin (Texas)
Gonzales (Texas)
Waelder (Texas)
Flatonia (Texas)
Schulenburg (Texas)
Weimar (Texas)
Columbus (Texas)
Eagle Lake (Texas)
Richmond (Texas)
Rosenburg (Texas)
Sugarland (Texas)
Houston (Texas)
Beaumont (Texas)
Orange (Texas)
Bay of St. Louis (Mississippi)
Logtown (Mississippi)
Gulfport (Mississippi)
Mobile (Alabama)
Baldwin County (Alabama)
Havana (Florida)
Del Rio (Texas)
Leming (Texas)
Campbellton (Texas)
Pleasanton (Texas)
North Pleasanton (Texas)
Whitsett (Texas)
Three Rivers (Texas)
George West (Texas)
Mathis (Texas)
Alice (Texas)
Premont (Texas)
Falfurrias (Texas)
Edinburg (Texas)
Pharr (Texas)
Alamo (City, Texas)
McDonna (Texas)
Weslaco (Texas)
Mercedes (Texas)
La Feria (Texas)
Harlingen (Texas)
San Benito (Texas)
Brownsville (Texas)
Mission (Texas)
Rio Grande City (Texas)
Daphne (Alabama)
Phoenix (Arizona)
Fort Davis (Texas)
Balmorhea (Texas)
Schertz (Texas)
Marion (Texas)
Luling (Texas)
Hull (Texas)
Houma (Louisiana)
Panama City (Florida)
Tampa (Florida)
Quincy (Florida)
New Orleans (Louisiana)
Fort Worth (Texas)
San Diego (California)
Lake Charles (Louisiana)
Deming (New Mexico)
Jeanerette (Louisiana)
El Centro
Dayton (Texas)
Liberty (Texas)
Marianna (Florida)
Jacksonville (Florida)
Opelousas (Louisiana)
Morgan City (Louisiana)
El Paso (Texas)
Juarez (Mexico)
El Paso County (Texas)
Clint (Texas)
Fabens (Texas)
Fort Hancock (Texas)
Sierra Blanca (Texas)
Culberson County (Texas)
Lobo (Texas)
Jefferson Davis County (Texas)
Valentine (Texas)
Reeves County (Texas)
Brogado (Texas)
Pecos County (Texas)
Crockett County (Texas)
Sutton County (Texas)
Kimble County (Texas)
Kerr County (Texas)
Kendall County (Texas)
Bexar County (Texas)
Guadalupe County (Texas)
McQueeney (Texas)
Caldwell County (Texas)
Gonzales County (Texas)
Belmont (Texas)
Fayette County (Texas)
Colorado County (Texas)
Wharton County (Texas)
Lissie (Texas)
Louise (Texas)
Harris County (Texas)
Galveston County (Texas)
League City (Texas)
Lamarque (Texas)
Liberty County (Texas)
Daisetta (Texas)
Jefferson County (Texas)
Nome (Texas)
Houma Terrebonne (Texas)
Hancock County (Mississippi)
Pass Christian (Mississippi)
Mobile County (Alabama)
Gadsden County (Florida)
Tombstone (Arizona)
Sabinal (Texas)
Bandera County
Medina County (Texas)
Castroville (Texas)
Uvalde County (Texas)
Knippa (Texas)
Kinney County (Texas)
Valverde County (Texas)
Brackettville (Texas)
Maverick County (Texas)
Pipe Creek (Texas)
Elmendorf (Texas)
Bee County (Texas)
Beeville (Texas)
Victoria County (Texas)
Raisin (Texas)
Mexico Division
San Patricio County (Texas)
Jim Wells County (Texas)
Brooks County (Texas)
Hidalgo County (Texas)
Cameron County (Texas)
East Bernard (Texas)

Temporal Coverage



Old Spanish Trail Association




SC17_04_05_001-3 [Balance Sheet 1921 part 3]




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Old Spanish Trail Association
Del Norte Hotel (El Paso, Texas)
Watkins Motor Company (El Paso)
Campbell Hotel (El Paso, Texas)
Fisher Hotel (El Paso, Texas)
Hotel Sheldon (El Paso, Texas)
Lone Star Motor Company (El Paso, Texas)
Alamo Motor Company (El Paso, Texas)
Hotel Orndorff (El Paso, Texas)
Hotel Lockie (El Paso, Texas)
Calumet Oil Company (El Paso, Texas)
Perry Tire Company (El Paso)
Oasis Cafe (Juarez, Mexico)
Rio Bravo Hotel (Juarez)
Duncan Auto Supply Co.(El Paso, Texas)
Edgar D. Brown Co. (Clint, Texas)
Fabens OST Filling Station (Fabens, Texas)
OST Garage (Fabens)
Ft. Hancock Merc. Co. (Ft. Hancock, Texas)
W.V. Campbell Co. (Ft. Hancock)
Borderland Garage (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
Frost's Home Rest (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
Prayler-Love Co. (Sierra Blanca)
Blanca Garage (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
L.A. Ramsey Drug Co. (Sierra Blanca, Texas)
Palace Hotel (Sierra Blanca)
C.F. Toolen Garage (Van Horn, Texas)
Van Horn Trading Company (Van Horn)
Harrel and Yarro (Van Horn, Texas)
Van Horn State Bank (Van Horn)
Miller Bros. Garage (Van Horn, Texas)
Fred U. Clarke Co. (Van Horn, Texas)
Commercial Hotel (Van Horn, Texas)
H.Y. Clark Co. (Lobo, Texas)
Valentine Motor Company (Valentine)
Ft. Davis Merc. Co. (Ft. Davis, Texas)
H.A. Burnet Co. (Ft. Davis, Texas)
W.A. yarbro Co. (Ft. Davis)
Ft. Davis Bank (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Jones Pharmacy (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Chamber of Commerce (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Limpia Hotel (Ft. Davis, Texas)
Union Trading Company (Ft. Davis)
OST Filling Station (Balmorhea)
Balmorhea Hotel (Balmorhea, Texas)
Toyah Valley trading Co. (Balmorhea)
Balmorhea Drug Co. (Balmorhea, Texas)
R.L. Van Deren Co. (Balmorhea)
Balmorhea Merc. Co. (Balmorhea, Texas)
Williams Cash Store (Brogado)
Pace Auto Co. (Ft. Stockton)
Rooney Auto Co. (Ft. Stockton)
J.M. Rooney Drugs (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
New Rooney Hotel (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Jacobs Cafe (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
First National Bank
Stockton Bakery (Ft. Stockton)
Hotel Stockton (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Stockton Garage (Ft. Stockton)
Drive in Filling Station (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
R.O. Gonzales Co. (Ft. Stockton)
Chamber of Commerce (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Taylor Garage (Ft. Stockton)
Central Drug Store (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Pecos and Rio Grande Telephone Co. (Ft. Stockton)
Dennis Motor Co. (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Ellis Grocery (Ft. Stockton, Texas)
Hotel Sheffield (Sheffield, Texas)
Couch Garage (Sheffield, Texas)
Sheffield Garage (Sheffield)
G.T. Jessup and Sons (Sheffield, Texas)
R.E. Fred Co. (Sheffield)
R.R. Dudley Garage (Ozona)
Ozona Telephone Co. (Ozona)
Flowers and Adams (Ozona, Texas)
Ozona Hotel (Ozona)
Smith's Drug Store (Ozona)
Dudley's Garage (Ozona, Texas)
Bakery and Grocery (Ozona, Texas)
Sonora Garage (Sonora)
City Garage (Sonora, Texas)
Texas Livestock Loan Company (Sonora)
Sonora Drug Co. (Sonora)
McDonald Hotel (Sonora, Texas)
Dew Drop Inn (Sonora, Texas)
Gilmore Hardware (Sonora, Texas)
E.F. Vanderstucken-Trainer Co. (Sonora, Texas)
First National Bank (Sonora, Texas)
Junction Taylor Shop (Junction, Texas)
Junction Hardware Co. (Junction, Texas)
Hodges Hotel (Junction, Texas)
Taylor Garage (Junction)
Heyman Drug Co. (Junction, Texas)
Fritz Hotel (Junction, Texas)
Wahl Bros. and Jordan (Junction)
Junction State Bank (Junction, Texas)
City Cafe (Junction, Texas)
Service Garage (Junction)
City Barber Shop (Junction, Texas)
R. Becker and Sons (Junction)
City Meat Market (Junction, Texas)
Surber Bros. Garage (Roosevelt)
Hawkins Drug Co. (Junction, Texas)
Schreiner Bank (Kerrville)
Schreiner Ranch (Kerrville)
Mountain Sun (Kerrville, Texas)
George Morris Hotel (Kerrville, Texas)
Fawcett Furniture Co. (Kerrville, Texas)
Boeckmann and Weston Garage (Kerrville, Texas)
Kerr Motor Sales (Kerrville, Texas)
Kerr Electric, Light, Heat, and Power Co. (Kerrville, Texas)
Live Oak Ranch (Kerrville, Texas)
Golds Coffee Room (Kerrville, Texas)
Overland Auto Sales (Kerrville)
St. Charles Hotel (Kerrville, Texas)
OST Garage and Store (Ingram)
Posey Bros. Meat Market (Center Point)
Center Point News (Center Point, Texas)
Wallace Bros. Lib. Co. (Center Point)
Talley Hardware Co. (Center Point)
Center Point Drugstore (Center Point, Texas)
Holekamp Motor Co. (Comfort, Texas)
Faust Motor Co. (Comfort, Texas)
Meyer Hotel (Comfort, Texas)
Comfort State Bank (Comfort, Texas)
Comfort Creamery (Comfort, Texas)
Saratoga Cafe (Boerne)
Fabras Drug Store (Boerne, Texas)
H.O. Adler (Boerne, Texas)
Chamber of Commerce (San Antonio, Texas)
McNeel Jewelry Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
Gunter Hotel (San Antonio, Texas)
Travelers Hotel (San Antonio)
Lions Club (San Antonio, Texas)
Kiwanis Club (San Antonio, Texas)
Rotary Club (San Antonio)
Salesmanship Club (San Antonio)
Auto Trades Association
State National Bank (Mathis)
The Fisk Rubber Company (San Antonio)
Saul Wolfson Dry goods (San Antonio)
Alamo National Bank (San Antonio, Texas)
Texas Blue Print Company
Lockwood National Bank
Alamo Blue Print Company
Alamo Auto Supply Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
Stowers Furniture Company
Joske Bros.
Hotel Association (San Antonio, Texas)
L Frank Saddlery Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
Public Service (San Antonio)
North Motor Sales Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
Merchants Ice and Cold Stg. (San Antonio, Texas)
Manhattan Cafe (San Antonio, Texas)
Guarantee Shoe Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
Walkover Boot Shop (San Antonio)
Original Mexican Restaurant (San Antonio, Texas)
Uvalde Rock and Asphalt (San Antonio)
Beatty Auto Livery (San Antonio, Texas)
Guarantee Motor Co. (San Antonio, Texas)
W.W. WOlfe's Inn Cafe (San Antonio)
Westbrook Motor Co. (San Antonio)
Ajax Rubber Co. of Texas (San Antonio, Texas)
Standard Printing Company
Diamond T Motor Car Co.
Cotham Drug Co. (Schertz, Texas)
Schertz Merc. Co. (Schertz)
Schertz Motor Co. (Schertz)
Cibolo Garage (Cibolo, Texas)
Citizens Auto Supply (Cibolo, Texas)
Marion State Bank (Marion, Texas)
Community Pharmacy (Marion, Texas)
Bailey Motor Co. (Seguin, Texas)
Seguin Buick Co. (Seguin)
Lovett Motor Co. (Seguin, Texas)
Jacobs Auto Co. (Luling, Texas)
Southland Lumber Co. (Luling)
Southwestern Lumber Co. (Luling)
Beasley Auto Co. (Gonzales, Texas)
Hoskin Merc. Co. (Gonzales, Texas)
Michelson Bros. (Gonzales, Texas)
Citizens Auto Co. (Gonzales, Texas)
Sunset Brick and Tile (Gonzales)
Farmers National Bank (Gonzales, Texas)
Gonzales State bank (Gonzales, Texas)
Jahnke Jewelry Store (Gonzales, Texas)
Bright Jewelry Store (Gonzales, Texas)
Sweeney & Co. (Gonzales)
Peck & Fly (Gonzales)
Star cafe (Gonzales)
A.H. Fitzgerald Drug Store (Gonzales, Texas)
Waelder Motor co. (Waelder)
Brookes Motor Co. (Waelder, Texas)
Farmer State Bank (Waelder, Texas)
Big Live Oak Garage (Engle, Texas)
Palace of Sweets (Schulenburg)
Rebel Auto Sales Co. (Weimar)
Chas Patthast Garage (Weimar, Texas)
Brasher Buick Co. (Weimar, Texas)
Jedd's Restaurant and Bakery (Weimar, Texas)
Northrup Auto Co. (Columbus, Texas)
Stafford's Garage (Columbus)
Hill Drug Store (Columbus, Texas)
Herbert Filling Station (Columbus, Texas)
Live Oak Hotel (Columbus, Texas)
Burger's Cafe (Columbus, Texas)
Hotel Dallas (Eagle Lake, Texas)
Universal Motor Co. (Eagle Lake)
Eagle Lake Motor Co. (Eagle Lake, Texas)
Fehrenkamp Garage (Glidden, Texas)
Find, E.C. & Co. (East Bernard, Texas)
Union State Bank (East Bernard)
Highway Garage (East Bernard, Texas)
Lissie Merc. Co. (Lissie, Texas)
Louise Garage (Louise, Texas)
Busy Bee Cafe (El Campo, Texas)
Davison Bros. Cafe (El Campo, Texas)
Palace of Sweets (Richmond)
Brazos Motor Co. (Richmond, Texas)
Baines Drug Store (Richmond, Texas)
J.H.P. Davis & Co. (Richmond, Texas)
Don's Bakery and Confectionary (Richmond, Texas)
National Hotel (Richmond, Texas)
First National Bank (Richmond, Texas)
Rosenburg Motor co. (Rosenburg)
Jack's Cafe (Rosenburg, Texas)
Allwright's Garage (Rosenburg, Texas)
Rosenburg Bus League (Rosenburg)
Farmer's Garage (Rosenburg, Texas)
Cafe de Paris (Rosenburg, Texas)
Plaza Hotel (Rosenburg)
Cummings Drug Store (Rosenburg, Texas)
Sugarland Industries (Sugarland)
Texas Asphalt Sales (Houston)
Houston Motor truck Co. (Houston, Texas)
Cotton Hotel (Houston, Texas)
Hotel Keepers Assoc. (Houston, Texas)
Drexel Motors Co. (Houston, Texas)
Rice Hotel (Houston)
Macatee Hotel (Houston, Texas)
Hotel Strafford (Houston, Texas)
Hotel Bristol (Houston, Texas)
So. Main and Belair Filling Station (Houston)
Quick Service Garage (Houston)
Gydeston-Manford Cadillac Co. (Houston, Texas)
Houston Electric Co. (Houston, Texas)
Mosehart & Keller Auto Co. (Houston, Texas)
DeGeorge Hotel (Houston, Texas)
Star Garage (League City)
Crosby Motor Co. (Crosby, Texas)
E.G. Harrington Garage (Dayton, Texas)
Heals Pharmacy (Dayton, Texas)
Dayton Mercantile Co. (Dayton, Texas)
Liberty Hotel (Liberty, Texas)
Buchanan's Garage (Liberty, Texas)
Nome Garage (Nome, Texas)
Orleans Motor Company (Beaumont, Texas)
Jackson-Neff motor Co (Beaumont, Texas)
Quick Service Tire (Beaumont)
Standard Motor Co. (Beaumont)
Alamo Cafe (Beaumont, Texas)
Rupert Cox Auto Supply (Beaumont)
Seaport Motor co. (Beaumont)
Fuller's Cafe (Beaumont, Texas)
Plaza Hotel (Beaumont)
Linn Bros. Motor Co. (Beaumont, Texas)
Chamber of Commerce (Orange, Texas)
Hill Motor Co. (Orange, Texas)
Cafe Gomez (Orange, Texas)
W.B. Roon Auto Co. (Orange)
Sabine Battery Co. (Orange)
Planters Hotel (Orange)
Crushed Oyster Shell Co. (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Braun Bros. (Biloxi, Mississippi)
City Delivery (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Biloxi Artesian Ice Co. (Biloxi, Mississippi)
First National Bank (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Hotel Riviera (Biloxi, Mississippi)
White House Hotel (Biloxi)
Guarantee Shoes Co. (Biloxi, Mississippi)
T.P. Dulion Mer. Co. (Biloxi)
Bleuer (Biloxi, Mississppi)
Frentz Shipyard (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Grant Drug Store (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Bradey Jewlery Co. (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Abrams Music Store (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Specialty Store (Biloxi)
Biloxi Bakery (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Biloxi Mach. Works (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Beale and Yerger (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Desporte Pdg. Co. (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Aubert Motor Car Co. (Gulfport, Mississippi)
Harrison County Sales Co. (Gulfport, Mississippi )
Anderson Haberdashery (Gulfport, Mississippi)
Gulfport Ptg. Co. (Gulfport, Mississippi)
Southern Stationary Co. (Gulfport)
Gulfport Daily Herald (Gulfport, Mississippi)
Citizens Motor Car Co. (Hondo, Texas)
Fly Drug Co. (Hondo, Texas)
Central Pharmacy (Sabinal, Texas)
Sabinal Merc. Co. (Sabinal)
Anderson Cafe (Sabinal, Texas)
Knippa Merc. Co. (Knippa, Texas)
L. Shwartz Co. (Uvalde, Texas)
Uvalde Buick Co. (Uvalde)
Hooper Furniture Co. (Uvalde, Texas)
Crisp & White (Uvalde, Texas)
Schwartz Hotel (Uvalde)
The Sunshine Diving Room (Uvalde)
Herize Ccafe (Brackettville, Texas)
Peterson and Co. (Brackettville)
Ross Drugstore (Del Rio)
Del Rio Buick Co. (Del Rio, Texas)
Motor Supply Co. (Del Rio, Texas)
Frank Hotel (Del Rio, Texas)
Durr's Restaurant (Del Rio, Texas)
Chamber of Commerce (Eagle Pass, Texas)
Eagle Pass Drug Co. (Eagle Pass, Texas)
International garage (Eagle Pass, Texas)
Hotel Eagle (Eagle Pass, Texas)
Eagle Hardware Co. (Eagle Pass, Texas)
Eagle Pass Gro. Co. (Eagle Pass, Texas)
Cardenas Curio Shop (Eagle Pass, Texas)
Metropolitan Dry Goods Shop (Eagle Pass, Texas)
Real Co. State Bank (Leakey)
Leakey Confectionary (Leakey, Texas)
Service Garage (Leakey)
First State Bank (Leakey, Texas)
The Leakey Leader (Leakey)
Medina Garage (Medina, Texas)
Guy's Cafe (Medina, Texas)
Fee's Restaurant & Confec. (Medina, Texas)
Elmendorf Garage (Elmendorf, Texas)
E. Bond Cafe (Beeville, Texas)
Beeville Filling Station (Beeville, Texas)
Fred's Garage (Beeville, Texas)
City Garage (Edna, Texas)
John Campbellton & Sons (Campbellton, Texas)
Hunt Auto Co. (Three Rivers, Texas)
Falfurrias State Bank (Falfurrias, Texas)
Falfurrias Garage (Falfurrias, Texas)
Falfurrias Merc. Co. (Falfurrias, Texas)
Pharr Motor co. (Pharr)
Hotel Pharr (Pharr, Texas)
Park Garage (Pharr)
Pharr Service Station (Pharr)
Alamo Service Station (Alamo, Texas)
Alamo Merc. Co. (Alamo, Texas)
Alamo Drug Store (Alamo, Texas)
Farmer State Bank (Donna, Texas)
Guarantee State Bank (Donna, Texas)
So. Tex. Lumber Co. (Donna)
Hotel Plaza (Donna, Texas)
McClellans Garage (Donna, Texas)
1000 Mile Service Co. (Donna, Texas)
Donna Drug Store (Donna, Texas)
Brooks Service Station (Mercedes, Texas)
Crawford and McVean (Mercedes, Texas)
Hidalgo & Co. Bank (Mercedes, Texas)
Talbert Baking Co. (Mercedes)
McConnell Battery Station (Mercedes, Texas)
Palace of Sweets (Mercedes)
Hudson Drug Co. (La Feria, Texas)
H.B. Hobletts Garage (La Feria, Texas)
La Feria Cash Store (La Feria, Texas)
Hoffman Cash Grocery (Harlingen, Texas)
Nelson OST Filling Station (Harlingen, Texas)
Harlingen Battery and Oil (Harlingen, Texas)
San Benito Bank & Tr. Co. (San Benito)
Valley Gin Co. (San Benito)
Farmers State Bank (San Benito, Texas)
San Benito Light Co. (San Benito)
Rio Grande Construction Co. (San Benito)
San Benito Hotel (San Benito)
Tested Seeds Co. (San Benito)
Mayer & Toolan (San Benito, Texas)
Roberts Garage (San Benito)
Palace Pharmacy (San Benito)
Palace of Sweets (Brownsville)
Joseph & Manseur Dry Goods Co. (Brownsville, Texas)
Olympia Confectionary (Brownsville, Texas)
Walker Furniture Co. (Brownsville)
Brownsville Piggly Wiggly (Brownsville, Texas)
Starr Lumber Co. (Brownsville)
First National Bank (Brownsville, Texas)
Travelers Hotel (Brownsville)
P.O. Filling Station (Brownsville)
McAllen Hardware Store (McAllen, Texas)
Scotty's Auto Supply House (McAllen)
Universal Service Station (McAllen)
Rio Grande Public Service Corp. (McAllen)
First National Bank (McAllen, Texas)
Glasscock and Jones (McAllen, Texas)
Log's Filling Station (McAllen, Texas)
McAllen Cafe (McAllen, Texas)
Owl Garage (Mission)
Marcelles Service Station (Mission, Texas)
City Cash Grocery (Mission, Texas)
Manhattan Cafe (MIssion, Texas)
Mission Drug Store (Mission, Texas)
Mission Bakery (Mission, Texas)
Mission Filling Station (Mission, Texas)
Castilla Motor Co. (Rio Grande City, Texas)
First State Bank and Trust Co. (Rio Grande City, Texas)
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