Old Mission Chain Trail to Nogales for Travel by Tourist Newspaper Clipping,



Old Mission Chain Trail to Nogales for Travel by Tourist Newspaper Clipping,


This clipping talks about the plan to travel the mission chain trail towards Nogales.

Spatial Coverage

Tucson (Arizona)
Washington, D.C.
United States
Maricopa County (Arizona)
Apache County (Arizona)
Gila County (Arizona)
Mohave County (Arizona)
Navajo County (Arizona)
Pima County (Arizona)
Pinal County (Arizona)
Santa Cruz County (Arizona)
Yavapai County (Arizona)
Yuma County (Arizona)
Adamana Precinct (Arizona)
Alpine Precinct (Arizona)
Chin Lee Precinct (Arizona)
Concho Precinct (Arizona)
Eagar Precinct (Arizona)
Floy Precinct (Arizona)
Fort Defiance Precinct (Arizona)
Ganado Precicnt (Arizona)
Greer Precinct (Arizona)
Hunt Precinct (Arizona)
Lukachukai Precinct (Arizona)
McNary Precinct (Arizona)
Nutrioso Precinct (Arizona)
Pinyon Precicnt (Arizona)
Puerco Precinct (Arizona)
St. Johns Precinct (Arizona)
St. Michaels Precinct (Arizona)
Springerville Precinct (Arizona)
Bowie Precinct (Arizona)
Buena Precinct (Arizona)
Central Bridge Precinct (Arizona)
Coconino County (Arizona)
Cochise County (Arizona)
Cochise Precinct (Arizona)
Courtland Precinct (Arizona)
Curtis Precinct (Arizona)
Don Luis Precinct (Arizona)
Graham County (Arizona)
Greenlee County (Arizona)
Dos Cabezas Precinct (Arizona)
Douglas Precint (Arizona)
Vernon Precinct (Arizona)
Ash Precinct (Arizona)
Benson Precinct (Arizona)
Bisbee Precinct (Arizona)
Dragoon Precinct (Arizona)
El Dorado Precinct (Arizona)
Fairbank Precinct (Arizona)
Garces Precinct (Arizona)
Gleeson Precinct (Arizona)
Hereford Precinct (Arizona)
Hilltop Precinct (Arizona)
Light Precinct (Arizona)
Lowell Precinct (Arizona)
Lusk Precinct (Arizona)
McNeal Precinct (Arizona)
Naco Precinct (Arizona)
Paradise Precinct (Arizona)
Pearce Precinct (Arizona)
Pirtleville Precinct (Arizona)
Pool Precinct (Arizona)
Robinson Precinct (Arizona)
Rucker Precinct (Arizona)
St. David Precinct (Arizona)
San Simon Precinct (Arizona)
Servoss Precinct (Arizona)
Tombstone Precinct (Arizona)
Warren Precinct (Arizona)
Webb Precinct (Arizona)
West Huachuca Precinct (Arizona)
Whitewater Precinct (Arizona)
Wilgus Precinct (Arizona)
Wilcox Precinct (Arizona)
Globe Precinct (Arizona)
Hayden Precinct (Arizona)
Miami Precinct (Arizona)
Fredonia Precinct (Arizona)
Lees Ferry Precinct (Arizona)
Williams Precinct (Arizona)
Leupp Precinct (Arizona)
Tuba City Precinct (Arizona)
Spring Valley Precinct (Arizona)
Grand Canyon Precinct (Arizona)
Sedona Precinct (Arizona)
Red Lake Precinct (Arizona)
Bellemont Precinct (Arizona)
Pittman Valley (Arizona)
Garland Prairie Precinct (Arizona)
Doney Park Precinct (Arizona)
Upper Oak Creek Precinct (Arizona)
Flagstaff Precinct (Arizona)
Bly Precinct (Arizona)
McDonald Precinct (Arizona)
Greenlaw Mills Precinct (Arizona)
Long Valley Precinct (Arizona)
Winona Precinct (Arizona)
Parks Precinct (Arizona)
Mromon Lake Precinct (Arizona)
Meteor Mountain Precinct (Arizona)
Payson Precinct (Arizona)
Pine Precinct (Arizona)
Roosevelt Precinct (Arizona)
San Carlos Precinct (Arizona)
Winkleman Precinct (Arizona)
Young Precinct (Arizona)
Safford (Arizona)
North Thatcher (Arizona)
South Thatcher (Arizona)
Solomonsville (Arizona)
Pima (Arizona)
Fort Thomas (Arizona)
Graham (Arizona)
Klondyke (Arizona)
Eden (Arizona)
Central (Arizona)
Aravaipa (Arizona)
Alger (Arizona)
Bonita (Arizona)
Bryce (Arizona)
Lonestar (Arizona)
Sanchez (Arizona)
Artesia (Arizona)
Redlands (Arizona)
California (Arizona)
Sunnyside (Arizona)
Phoenix (Arizona)
Riverside Precinct (Arizona)
Scottsdale Precinct (Arizona)
Sentinel (Arizona)
Tempe (Arizona)
Stoll (Arizona)
Spear Lake (Arizona)
Beaver Dam (Arizona)
Knight Creek (Arizona)
Mineral Park (Arizona)
Greenwood (Arizona)
Pipe Valley (Arizona)
Lone Star (Arizona)
Holbrook (Arizona)
Winslow Precinct (Arizona)
Snowflake Precinct (Arizona)
Standard Precinct (Arizona)
Sholow Precinct (Arizona)
Tonopah Precinct (Arizona)
Washington Precinct (Arizona)
West Chandler Precinct (Arizona)
Wickenburg Precinct (Arizona)
Wilson Precinct (Arizona)
Ajo Precinct (Arizona)
Arivaca Precinct (Arizona)
Condron Pastime Precinct (Arizona)
Continental Precinct (Arizona)
Cortaro Precinct (Arizona)
Fort Lowell Precinct (Arizona)
Greaterville Cottonwood Precinct (Arizona)
Indian Oasis Precinct (Arizona)
Marana Precinct (Arizona)
Pantano Precinct (Arizona)
Quijotoa Precinct (Arizona)
Sahuarita Precinct (Arizona)
San Xavier Precinct (Arizona)
Silverbell Precinct (Arizona)
Tanque-Verde-Reddington Precinct (Arizona)
McConnico (Arizona)
Goldroad (Arizona)
Hackberry (Arizona)
Whitney (Arizona)
Kingman (Arizona)
Owens (Arizona)
Signal (Arizona)
Peach Springs (Arizona)
Littlefield (Arizona)
Moccasin (Arizona)
Chloride (Arizona)
Topock (Arizona)
Yucca (Arizona)
Short Creek (Arizona)
Katherine (Arizona)
Oatman (Arizona)
Bland (Arizona)
McCracken (Arizona)
Trout Creek (Arizona)
Cane Beds (Arizona)
White Hills (Arizona)
Truxton (Arizona)
Golconda (Arizona)
Mc. Trumbull (Arizona)
Glenwood (Arizona)
Allen (Arizona)
Main (Arizona)
Twin Buttes/Olive Camp Precinct (Arizona)
Vail-Helvetia Precinct (Arizona)
North Florence Precinct (Arizona)
Superior Precinct (Arizona)
Casa Grande Precinct (Arizona)
Feldman Precinct (Arizona)
Mammoth (Arizona)
Randolph (Arizona)
Maricopa (Arizona)
Oracle (Arizona)
Kelvin (Arizona)
Red Rock (Arizona)
Kenilworth (Arizona)
Ray (Arizona)
Copper Creek (Arizona)
Ashfork (Arizona)
Bagdad (Arizona)
Camp Verde (Arizona)
Clarkdale (Arizona)
Congress Junction (Arizona)
Crown King Precinct (Arizona)
Humboldt Precinct (Arizona)
Jerome Precinct (Arizona)
Mayer Precinct (Arizona)
Prescott Precinct (Arizona)
Seligman Precinct (Arizona)
South Florence (Arizona)
Toltec (Arizona)
Cottonwood (Arizona)
Hayden Junction (Arizona)
Picacho (Arizona)
Youngsberg (Arizona)
Borree (Arizona)
Aztec (Arizona)
Blaisdell (Arizona)
Bouse (Arizona)
Castle Dome (Arizona)
Cibola (Arizona)
Crane (Arizona)
Gadsden (Arizona)
Laguna (Arizona)
Mohawk (Arizona)
Palomas (Arizona)
Parker (Arizona)
Quartzsite (Arizona)
Roll (Arizona)
Rood (Arizona)
Salome (Arizona)
Somerton (Arizona)
Vicksburg (Arizona)
Wellton (Arizona)
Wenden (Arizona)
Yuma (Arizona)
Benson (Arizona)
Bisbee (Arizona)
Buckeye (Arizona)
Casa Grande (Arizona)
Chandler (Arizona)
Clifton (Arizona)
Douglas (Arizona)
Flagstaff (Arizona)
Florence (Arizona)
Gilbert (Arizona)
Glendale (Arizona)
Globe (Arizona)
Jerome (Arizona)
Mesa (Arizona)
Miami (Arizona)
Cochise (Arizona)
Greenlee (Arizona)
Pinal (Arizona)
Coconino (Arizona)
Gila (Arizona)
Navajo (Arizona)
Yavapai (Arizona)
Nogales (Arizona)
Prescott (Arizona)
Safford (Arizona)
Thatcher (Arizona)
Tolleson (Arizona)
Tombstone (Arizona)
Wickenburg (Arizona)
Willcox (Arizona)
Williams (Arizona)
Winkleman (Arizona)
Winslow (Arizona)
Santa Cruz (Arizona)






SC17_02_46_009 Old Mission Chain Trail to Nogales for Travel by Tourist Newspaper Clipping,




5 x 19 inches








Pinkley,Frank (Custodian, Tumacacori Mission)
Cummings, Mr. (Dean, Arizona University)
Jaastad, Justad (Architect Specialist)
Duell, Prentice
Archaeological and Historical Society
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