The Old Spanish Trail: The Story of a Modern American Highway by Charles L. Sullivan 2003



The Old Spanish Trail: The Story of a Modern American Highway by Charles L. Sullivan 2003


Manuscript written and illustrated by Charles L. Sullivan describing the history of commerce, transportation, highway and bridge construction, roads,and travel through OST territory in the Mississippi Gulf Coast states before during, and after OST construction.

Spatial Coverage

East Pascagoula River Bridge (Mississippi)
Mobile (Alabama)
Mississippi Gulf Coast
New Orleans (Louisiana)
South Mississippi
U.S. 90
Pearl River (Mississippi/Louisiana)
Honey Island Swamp (Louisiana)
Mississippi River
Gulf Coast
Pascagoula (Mississippi)
Gautier (Mississippi)
Ocean Springs (Mississippi)
Biloxi (Mississippi)
Mississippi City (Mississippi)
Gulfport (Mississippi)
Long Beach (Mississippi)
Pass Christian (Mississippi)
Bay St. Louis (Mississippi)
Lake Pontchartrain
Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
San Diego (California)
El Camino Real
Washington, D.C.
Fort Stoddard (Alabama)
Tombigbee River
Biloxi Bay (Mississippi)
Pearlington (Mississippi)
Pascagoula River (Mississippi)
East Pascagoula (Mississippi)
West Pascagoula (Mississippi)
Handsboro (Mississippi)
Baltimore (Maryland)
Grant's Lake
Dauphin Island (Alabama)
Milneburg Ferry (Louisiana)
Harrison County (Mississippi)
Collins (Mississippi)
Williamsburg (Mississippi)
Jackson County (Mississippi)
Hancock County (Mississippi)
Chef Meneur Pass (Louisiana)
Henderson Point (Pass Christian, Mississippi)
Point Cadet (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Back Bay Biloxi (Biloxi, Mississippi)
D'Iberville (Mississippi)
Poplarville (Mississippi)
Bogalusa (Louisiana)
Covington (Louisiana)
Hammond (Louisiana)
Springfield (Louisiana)
Maxwell (Louisiana)
Pontchatoula (Louisiana)
Lake Pontchartrain (Louisiana)
Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
Burnside (Louisiana)
Jackson Highway
Buffalo (New York)
The Crescent City (Louisiana)
Miami (Florida)
Logtown (Mississippi)
Los Angeles (California)
Moss Point (Mississippi)
West Pascagoula River
East Pascagoula River
Pensacola (Florida)
Gulfport (Mississippi)
Kiln (Mississippi)
Chef Menteur (Louisiana)
West Texas
United States
U.S. 49
Slidell (Louisiana)
The Rigolets (Louisiana)
East Pearl River Bridge (Louisiana)
West Pearl River (Louisiana)
West Pearl Bridge (Louisiana)
Watson-Williams Toll Bridge
Rochester (Indiana)
Escatawpa River
Morgan City (Louisiana)
John C. Stennis/A.J. Creel Parkway Bridge (Back Bay Biloxi, Mississippi)
East Pascagoula High-Rise Bridge
Beatrice (Mississippi)
Wiggins (Mississippi)

Temporal Coverage



Sullivan, Charles L.




SC17_01_23_013 The Old Spanish Trail: The Story of a Modern American Highway by Charles L. Sullivan 2003



8.5 x 11 inches






Brown, Wayne (Mississippi Transportation Commissioner-Mississippi Department of Transportation)
Sullivan, Charles L. (Historian and Archivist- Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Perkinston Campus)
Lott, Willis, Dr. (President- Mississippi Gulf State Community College)
Jefferson, Thomas (Historical Figure-President of the United States)
Briggs, Issac (Historical Figure-Surveyor General of the United States)
Grant, John Capt. (Historical Figure)
Wales, Benjamin L.C. (Assistant Professor of Geology- University of Mississippi)
Schaffer, Frank (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Richard, John Lewis (Postcard Collector)
Swetman, Jim
Jones, Joseph T. Capt. (Historical Figure-Founder of Gulfport, Mississippi)
Lopez, Laz Jr. (Seafood Magnet-Biloxi, Mississippi)
Elmer, F.W. (Harrison County Supervisor)
Ohr, Leo (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Ohr, George (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Fayard, Mrs.
Strong, Robert A. Dr. (Pass Christian, Mississippi)
Hydell, B.F. (U.S. Government Engineer)
Wonders, James C. (U.S. Government Engineer)
Galloway, J.G. (Harrison County Engineer)
Cobb, R.G. (Secretary-Mobile Chamber of Commerce)
Jackson, Andrew (Historical Figure)
Dunten, E.B. (OST Officer-Mississippi)
Grayson, Geo. W. (Mississippi)
Foote, G.M. (OST Executive Committee - Mississippi)
Emmett, James A. (OST Field Secretary)
Locke, Harry (Field Engineer, Vice President, OST Association - Arizona)
Reeves, Icham (President-Harrison County Board of Supervisors)
Thompson, Ray (Historical Writer-Biloxi Daily Herald ca. 1960)
Seal, Roderick (Harrison County Supervisor ca. 1876)
Ayres, Harral B. (Managing Director, President 1933~, OST Association)
McBeath, J.M. (Chairman, Mississippi State Highway Department)
Pershing, John J. (Chief of Staff, War Department)
Delmas, Claude (Vice President - Pascagoula, Louisiana)
Baker, Newton D. (Secretary of War)
Lewis, Frank H. (OST Executive Committee - Mississippi)
Gautier, Hermes (Jackson County Supervisor)
Chidsey, Charles F., Hon. (Judge - Pascagoula, Mississippi)
Richardson, Joe S. Jr. (President-Free Tire Service Inc.)
Harrison, Pat (Senator)
Bilbo, Theodore G. (Governor-Mississippi c. 1928)
McGowen, Franklyn H. (Jackson County Engineer)
Lytle, G.F.
Adam, Bidwell (Lieutenant Governor-Mississippi)
Schwartz, Leon (Mayor-Mobile c. 1928)
Eley, Virginia Miss.
Nelson, Lillian Miss.
Gautier, Quinn
Colle, Gloria
Robertson, Susan
Sells, James Rev.
Colle, Herman H. Capt.
Colle, (Herman) Mrs.
Gautier, (Hermes) Mrs.
Smith, John D. (State Highway Commissioner-Mississippi c. 1950)
Hague, Terry Miss.
Hague, George B. (Beat Three Supervisor-Jackson County, Mississippi)
Beibelkorn, Barbara Miss. (Miss Hospitality-Ocean Springs, Mississippi)
Gartin, Caroll (Lieutenant Governor- Mississippi c.1954)
Gautier, Warren
Lott, Trent (Senator- Mississippi)
Burgo, Eddie (Pascagoula High School)
Murphey, John W. (Historian- Office of Cultural Affairs, Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Taylor, Gene (Congressman-U.S. House of Representatives, c.2000)
Triplett, Tommy (Photographer)
Castleberry, Kelly (Mississippi Department of Transportation)
McGrath, Melinda (Mississippi Department of Transportation)
Lurn, Donna (Mississippi Department of Transportation)
Hornback, Amy (Mississippi Department of Transportation)
Rogers, Betty (Jackson County Archives, Jackson County-Mississippi)
Castigiliola, Lois (Jackson County Archives, Jackson County, Mississippi)
Owens, Sherry (Jackson-George Regional Library)
Hague, Renee (Jackson-George Regional Library)
Powell, Murella Herbert (Biloxi Public Library)
St. Amant, Dale (Hancock County Historical Society)
Scott, Debbie (Pascagoula High School)
Moak, Betty (Pascagoula High School)
Lachaussee, Linda (Pascagoula High School)
Long, Kelly (Pascagoula High School)
Burgo, Eddie (Pascagoula High School)
Ladner, Melissa (Beatrice, Mississippi)
Khron, Mytris (Wiggins, Mississippi)
Sullivan, Jane (Wife-Charles L. Sullivan)
Department of Transportation (Mississippi)
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
Old Spanish Trail Association
University of Mississippi
Biloxi Herald (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Mississippi Legislature
Jackson Evening News (Jackson, Mississippi)
City Council (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Gulf Coast Traction Company
Great Southern Hotel (Gulfport, Mississippi)
Biloxi Commercial Club (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Gulfport Commercial Union (Gulfport, Mississippi)
Good Roads Committee--Biloxi Commercial Club (Biloxi,Mississippi)
New Orleans Weather Bureau (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Alabama-Gulf Coast Highway Association
Mobile Register (Mobile, Alabama)
Chamber of Commerce (Mobile, Alabama)
Mobile Rotary Club (Mobile, Alabama)
United States Congress
State Highway Commission (Mississippi)
Department of War, U.S. Congress
White House Hotel (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Board of County Supervisors (Hancock County, Mississippi)
Board of Supervisors (Harrison County, Mississippi)
Board of Supervisors (Jackson County, Mississippi)
Rochester Bridge Co. (Rochester, Indiana)
A.M. Blodgett Inc.
The Southern Paper Company Band
The Texas Construction Co.
Pascagoula High School Band
State Department of Motor Vehicles (Mississippi)
Chronicle-Star (Pascagoula, Mississippi)
Old Spanish Trail
Old Spanish Trail Association
highway construction
Old Spanish Trail construction
road infrastructure
Spanish history
Spanish heritage
postal mail
difficulties of travel
live oak
gold -- natural resources
silver -- natural resources
legislative efforts
paving materials
sea shells -- paving materials
Good Roads Committee
natural disasters
hurricane -- natural disasters
competing routes
political support
federal aid
U.S. War Department -- U.S. Military
concrete -- paving materials
asphalt -- paving materials
sand--paving materials
route marker -- signage


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